Terra Madre Balkans – The event

“Putting farmers first is the main theme of Terra Madre Balkans 2016. 350 delegates will be arriving from 13 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, The Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Italy and Albania).

Slow Food President Carlo Petrini will be participating in the event, along with several ministers from the Albanian government, and the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.

The Balkan region hosts a wide variety of farmers. For this reason, this year’s theme has been chosen to emphasize the importance of placing small-scale food producers at the heart of the policy agenda, ensuring the sustainable development of the region.

The central Mother Teresa Square will host an Earth Market, where over 50 booths will give visitors the chance to discover a wide selection of products from food communities, Slow Food Presidia, and the Ark of Taste, Slow Food’s catalogue of the world’s food biodiversity.

The event will offer a series of conferences and debates focusing on multifunctional agriculture, legal rights of small producers, social justice, rural tourism, the marketing of craft products, taking into account the EU integration standards.

Albania was chosen for this year’s edition of Terra Madre Balkans because its Slow Food network is steadily and rapidly growing. The country has 22 products registered in the Slow Food Ark of Taste – the catalogue of endangered food products, two Slow Food Presidia (Permet Gliko, and Mishavin – a cheese made by transhumant herders from upper Kelmendi, in the Albanian Alps), five Slow Food Convivia (local chapters), and hundreds of supporters. Moreover, the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance was launched in Albania in May 2015.

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Conference Topics:

  • food biodiversity and conservation of genetic resources
  • small-scale artisan farmers, marketing and access to markets


Terra Madre Balkans 2016 – Here the program of the event!


Terra Madre Balkans – The network

Terra Madre Balkans is a network of all food communities and Slow Food projects in the Balkan Peninsula. Since 2010, Terra Madre Balkans has been fighting to save the gastronomic traditions and food biodiversity of one of Europe’s most fascinating and least-known regions.

Terra Madre Balkans is the first network of its kind to unite food communities from several countries of the same region. Slow Food and Terra Madre formed a deep-rooted network in the region with thousands of supporters, 24 Slow Food Presidia100 food communities50 chefs15 educational programs on nutrition and taste in schools and over 280 Balkan products listed in Slow Food’s Ark of Taste catalogue.

The Terra Madre Balkans network meets every two years, but its energy is mostly deployed in small initiatives around the region: knowledge exchanges between Bosnian and Macedonian producers, training workshops in Romania for students from different countries, campaigns to protect the landscape and the rights of small-scale farmers, and village festivals celebrating the local agrobiodiversity and the best of local cuisine. All this is Terra Madre Balkans.


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