Traditional Hemp Cake

Cakes, pastries and sweets - Romania

Turta cu jufl? is a kind of sweet dish served in the winter times, especially in Christmas lent and then for the Baptising Day Eve. In some places this product is called by the name 'Jesus' diapers.' The recipe has been passed on through generations. It is a very a flavored product thanks to the hemp seeds which give a special aroma. The process of making the cake is simple. Dough is made from flour, salt and water, from which sheets are formed and cooked directly on a hot stove. The seeds are stone-ground in order to remove the shells, and then the mixture is boiled until a foam separates from the mixture. This foam is gathered carefully and put into a bowl. After gathering all the foam, the water is seperated from the chaff, and the baked dough sheets are placed in the hot water to soften. The layers of dough and foam are mixed with sugar or honey and are left in a cold place too cool. The history of this dish is believed date back to ancient times, as the natives living on these lands were growing hemp even then. For centuries the hemp was a crop growing in every yard, and 50,000 hectares of hemp crop was grown under the Communist regime. However, today, in order to grow hemp one must have authorization, and some farmers have been arrested for failing to meet this new requirement. Interest in growing hemp has decreased, and therefore the knowlege of this product has dramatically dropped and is at risk of disappearing.