Sobra Bean

Legumes - North Macedonia

Sobra bean brought geographically connected to the Strumica region, especially placed under Belasitza Mountain slopes in an area with lush vegetation and dominance of chestnut trees. It is grown as 'bean pritkar' along with maize 'or individually as' bean crawler' on the ground.Sobra bean represents local plant genetic resource (LRGR), plant beans in that group of grain legumes [fam. Fabaceae (Syn.: Leguminosae)] with small almost round seeds that easily roll unlike other beans), white in color, strongly glued exocarp, fruit pod with 7-8 (9) seeds easily and quickly digested, and shell (exocarp) are not separated (high quality). Rich in proteins, starch (complex carbohydrates), vitamins, minerals, saponine (not a large amount, a little foam when boiled). Yielded variety, still sown, collects and sells between people, very less on the market places.It is used for preparation of pan-beans, salad and etc.. and is part of the daily diet of the people of Strumica region. Mainly used for home consumption in the immediate and extended family and is sought after by family members as a domestic product that can be found in each house before the coming winter and to be ensure that the family will be fed with quality meal if bought / purchased sobra bean timely.