Ohrid Cherry

Fruit, nuts and fruit preserves - North Macedonia

Ohrid cherry is very famous plant resource. The group of fruits with red colored fruits. The size of the fruit ranges from 23 (24) -28 (30) mm in diameter, dark red or even black-red colored. Dark red cherry is known under the local name (orig.: охридска крцка), and the second one has almost black-red coloured larger fruits known under local name (orig.: вистинска охридска). Ohrid chaerry is characterized by a high percentage of carbohydrates, anthocyanin?, tannins, waxes, pectin, vitamins (A, C, K, E ), minerals (K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn), organic acids and enzymes.Characteristic only of the Ohrid region is found as individual trees, mainly in the old house yards. Ohrid cherry tree reaches major proportions that at least 30% higher compared to other local cherry populations less valuable of the same age. Although is the subject of much controversy and discussion which one should carry primacy, it is undisputed that both possess exceptional quality that is found only in them.Used for fresh consumption or prepare various processing (juice, jam, marmalade, preserves, jelly amd rakia).In the past every household owned several trees, compulsory in the yards, and today with construction activities are less encountered, mainly as individual trees.Intense construction activity in the Ohrid region, popularization of tourism that entails and accommodation 'capacity in a number of accepting tourists have repercussions on reducing trees of Ohrid cherries in the region, because usually cut (nuisance for some construction activity), not breed or raise new plantings and there are very close and realistic chance of extinction of this traditional variety which has now threatened status.