White Plum

Fruit, nuts and fruit preserves - Serbia

The White plum is an old Balkan plum variety present in the Beška area of northern central Serbia for centuries. Belica sljiva, as it is called locally, grows on a medium to tall sized tree that is moderately resistant to drought and disease. The plums that mature, usually at the end of July, are round and small – up to 2 cm in diameter. The skin of the fruit is nearly white with a greenish hue, becoming red when the fully ripe. The fruit flesh is a vibrant yellow color and very sweet in flavor. The pit is small. These plums are mainly used for the production of brandy, followed by juice and sweet jellies. Their juice is clear and has a scent similar to that of apricots. The history of plum growing in Serbia stretches through the centuries. In the area of Beška village, these plums have been grown for many centuries, and locally can still be found among the dozens of trees in the area. However, the White plum is mainly harvested for personal use in rural households that do not necessarily differentiate between various plum varieties when making transformed products (such as juices or jelly). Furthermore, this variety has been replaced over the years by plum varieties that produce larger fruit, such as Čačanka, Stanley and Early Beauty.