Bread and baked goods - North Macedonia

Крашник Krashnik is a typical decorated handmade pastry prepared for special events, like weddings, or for special houseguests in the Strumica region of southeastern Macedonia. This pastry is made with a local wheat variety called kratkoklasesta and crushed red pepper of the variety vasilevska. The dough is prepared in three layers, separated with butter and cow’s milk cheese. This is topped with a previously prepared mixture of leeks and sausage, and baked for one hour. It is served accompanied with yogurt. Today, preparation of this typical Macedonian product is in decline. It has long been made in the home for special occasions, but fewer members of the younger generation are continuing this practice. The red pepper and wheat varieties typically used to make this traditional pastry are also much more difficult to find in current times. Failure to protect this biodiversity means that prepared products like krashnik, and the related culture and production technique, will also be lost.