Tatlı Lemon

Fruit, nuts and fruit preserves - Turkey

The tatlı limon, or sweet lemon (Citrus limetta rosso) is a fruit is around 110 grams in weight, 55 mm in length and with a diameter of about 60 mm. The thickness of the yellow-colored peel is about 3 mm. They ripen in October and November months, and in the area of Adana are consumed fresh or used in jam making. If not used immediately, the fresh juice, which is full of antioxidants and phenols, will become bitter. Traces of citrus cultivation in Anatolia date back thousands of years. Tatlı limons are produced mainly in home gardens, but the number of trees has declined in recent years. This decline is mainly due to inadequate care of existing trees, according to studies preformed by Çukurova University’s Department of Horticulture.