Fair of NGOs





Vullnetarizmi Nderkombetar Per Zhvillim Ne Shquiperi, VIS Albania

Typology of activities
  • Active participation/contributions to conferences/events
  • Conferences/events organized
  • Joint initiatives with other NGOs
  • Participation in stakeholders' meetings, public hearings
Main objective
  • Promote the network Essedra
  • Promote the high quality small-scale local productions
  • Sensitize citizens on the importance of their daily food choises
Brief Description

VIS Albania took part in a workshop organized by Municipality of Shkoder to coordinate a joint initiative of all the NGOs working in the region for sustainable tourism development.
The contribution of the food tradition is therefore a key point for the rural areas of the region and during the fair which followed the workshop, many local products have been showcased and promoted.

  • Consumers
  • Producers
  • Local Authorities
  • NGOs

Website: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.713826242032702.1073741838.606244152790912&type=3

Organised by: Municipality of Shkoder

Referent: VIS Albania