Farmers meeting





Fundaţia ADEPT Transilvania

Typology of activities
  • Active participation/contributions to conferences/events
  • Conferences/events organized
  • Press releases
Main objective
  • Promote the network Essedra
  • Promote the themes of Essedra
  • Promote the high quality small-scale local productions
  • Advocate for small-scale producers or other political issues
Activities realised in the framework of Essedra Project

– inform the wide public about the ESSEDRA project
– inform the authorities (local, national, EU) about the goals of the ESSEDRA project
– inform the public about the Ark of Taste

Goal of the event

– raise awareness about the ESSEDRA project

Brief Description

For our yearly meeting with the farmers, that reached the 4th edition this year, we chose as a theme the importance of small-scale producers and of local, traditional products.
We presented the ESSEDRA project and partners in front of 250 people: farmers, producers, representatives of the local and national authorities and even the representative of the EU Commissioner Dacian Ciolos, Alina Ujupan, as well as the importance of keeping our traditions, customs and local knowledge.
Ben made also a description of the Ark of Taste and invited all those interested to join forces and work together for saving important elements of our food culture and tradition by submitting applications for products for the Ark.
We had a chance to discuss relevant aspects of the legislation, rules and regulations at national and EU level that affect us all.
The event closed of with a raffle where people had the chance to win useful things for their farm activities.

  • Consumers
  • Producers
  • European Union
  • Local Authorities
  • National Government
  • Press

N. participants: 250


Organised by: Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Referent: Ben Mehedin/ Laura Chirila