Mishavine Cheese: An heritage to protect





Vullnetarizmi Nderkombetar Per Zhvillim Ne Shquiperi, VIS Albania

Typology of activities
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  • Promote the high quality small-scale local productions
  • Advocate for small-scale producers or other political issues
  • Sensitize citizens to the importance of the biodiversity of agriculture and on the ecosystems service that derive from it
Brief Description

On the 15th November, hosted by the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration in Tirana, 12 female producers coming from the villages of Lepushe and Vermosh (Kelmend, North Albania) had the opportunity to present one of their special and traditional products: a cheese named Mishavine.
The Mishavine is present in Kelmend from immemorial time and it is considered a fundamental food for the pastoral life and as offer for the guest. In 2013 has been accepted in the Slow Food Ark of Taste and presented at “Cheese” in Torino. Considering its peculiar way of production, the strong link with the local tradition and the fact that it is produced with raw milk, VIS Albania together with Slow Food is working to promote and preserve it and to make it a Slow Food Presidium.
The Mishavine tasting organized by VIS Albania and Slow Food International was also part of a bigger initiative: the month of the Albanian agriculture, so to underline the importance given by the national policies to the support to local producers and small-scale farmers. At the presence of Alban Zusi, Albanian vice-minister of agriculture, Piero Sardo, President of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and Pier Paolo Ambrosi, Country Representative of VIS Albania, chefs from Albania and from Italy had the opportunity to taste, judge and discover this special cheese.
In fact, each producer brought a small sample of its Mishavine to Tirana, so to receive a feedback from cheese experts and to give the possibility to the entire public to taste it.
The involvement and appreciation of the chefs (more than 10), the public (almost 100 people present) and the producers, contributed to make this event a real launch of the Mishavine to the rest of Albania.
At the same time, there was the possibility to unite 10 chefs from the whole country in Tirana for the presentation of the Slow Food Chefs Alliance in Albania, the 4th in the world after Italy, Netherlands and Morocco. The Alliance implies that these chefs will support small producers by using products from Presidia and Ark of Taste and will put their names to their menus.
This is another small step for the Albanian gastronomy to rediscover its tradition and identity, which will be its value added also in the process of European integration.
The day closed, as the best Albanian tradition foresees, by tasting a lot of good and traditional products prepared with the Mishavine!

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Organised by: VIS Albania & Slow Food International

Referent: VIS Albania