EnviroDay at Sarajevo Film Festival!

As part of its campaign “Raising awareness of farmer cooperation” the Association “Okusi Hercegovinu” has held two events. The aims of the campaign are to encourage collaboration between farmers and stimulate the direct sale of traditional products and to raise awareness of conscious consumption with a local focus.


  • EnviroDay at Sarajevo Film Festival

This year’s EnviroDay was held in Sarajevo on August 17, as part of the Sarajevo Film Festival, and was devoted to the problem of poor air quality and climate change in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Slow Food, which works in Bosnia and Herzegovina through its local branches in Gorazde, Trebinje, Herzegovina and Potkozarje Podgrmeč, along with the Association “Okusi Hercegovinu”, responded to an invitation from UNEP to participate. For this event, Slow Food Bosnia and Herzegovina prepared traditional foods for tasting and held a workshop on local products, including native varieties of fruits and vegetables.

The purpose of our participation was to raise awareness of the traditional knowledge of small-scale producers who produce high quality food, and protect biodiversity, as part of the ESSEDRA project.

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  • Traditional Evening

The Association “Okusi Hercegovinu” organized a traditional dinner for Italian tourists visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina as representatives of the association Viaggiare i Balcani, with the help of local producers. Products such as Poljak beans, Pozegaca Plum Slatko (Slow Food Presidium) and Cheese in a Sack (Slow Food Presidium) were all presented by their producers, including a discussion of how they are prepared. Viaggiare i Balcani (Travelling the Balkans) was founded in 2002 in Trento, Italy, with the aim of enhance the philosophy and practice of sustainable tourism in southeast Europe. Since 2008, it has been organizing guided tours spanning culture, landscape and gastronomy, in collaboration with Slow Food International and the Terra Madre food communities in the Balkans.


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