Protecting Biodiversity in Macedonian Vineyards

A new Slow Food project for the Stanushina grape Stanushina is a red grape variety indigenous to the Republic of Macedonia, and more precisely, to the Tikvesh wine district in the south of the country. It is probably the best-known wine-growing district of Macedonia and boasts over 260 days of annual sunshine and 12,000 hectares of vineyards, which account for around one-third of the country’s viticulture. Tikvesh is certainly not … Continued

Let’s Not Eat Up Our Planet! Fight Climate Change

In a few days, governments from around the world will be meeting in Paris to talk about climate change. After more than 20 years of failed debate, mediation and forums, the Paris conference (COP21) will attempt to broker a binding, universal agreement for the first time. In the 54 pages of the text of the negotiations, however, the term “agriculture” does not appear once, though there are multiple mentions of … Continued

Terra Madre Serbia

Let’s save together the traditional tastes of Serbia! The first edition of Terra Madre Serbia will be held on the 30th and 31st of October in Futog (Novi Sad), and will gather small-scale farmers, academicians, food experts and activists from throughout the country to promote the role of small scale farmers as custodians of biodiversity and promoters of local development. The event will be held side to the well established … Continued

Local food and gastronomic traditions are in the focus of the first Terra Madre Bulgaria forum

Researchers and producers unite to preserve genetic resource of Bulgaria… The first Slow Food forum Terra Madre Bulgaria will take place in Sofia from 23rd to 25th of October, 2015. “The event will bring together researchers, who work on the study, conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources, local communities that maintain the knowledge for artisan food production, small farmers and food producers, teachers, chefs, journalists”, explains Dr Dessislava Dimitrova … Continued

Bukovo Red Peppers

With so many products and seeds on the market it isn’t easy to know which to choose… As an organization that has long worked in this field, Slow Food tries to improve knowledge of food production by bringing producers and consumers into direct contact. Slow Food also works to protect products linked to different places around the world. This includes Bukovo Red Peppers in Macedonia, now a Slow Food Presidium. … Continued

Slow Food in Bosnia and Herzegovina getting a desirable exposure at the Sarajevo Film Festival (Slow Food on the Red Carpet at the Sarajevo Film Festival)

The intertwined linkage among the food choices we make in our everyday lives and the environment we live in is what cannot be emphasized strongly enough. For many years now, Slow Food has been present in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through a range of activities linked to the promotion of sustainable agriculture, support for Presidia projects (traditional small-scale food productions that are at risk of extinction), celebration of Terra Madre day, … Continued

The Ark of Taste: Anatolian Cave Cheese

Within the Anatolian caves of Southern Turkey, an age-old recipe is stored and matured deep underground. Here, pillars of goats cheese stand tall. They are made by one of the oldest shephard cultures in the world, stored within sheepskin sacks and then matured within these vast, natural refridgerators. But cheaper imposters are undercutting this artisanal cheese and modern regulations may soon put a stop to its production.   Click here … Continued

Help Us Protect Nature!

The European Commission has decided to carry out an in-depth evaluation (Fitness Check) of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives (EU Nature Directives dating from 1979 and 1992 respectively) to determine whether they effectively protect our natural world. These laws protect our most important nature sites and species and also make a vital contribution to our wellbeing. Given the current deregulatory agenda of the new Juncker Commission and its rhetoric … Continued

The Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance Comes to Albania

Slow Food and VIS Albania (Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo), in collaboration with the Albanian Ministry for Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Management, are proud to announce the launch of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance in Albania. The Alliance will be officially presented on June 19, 2015 at 9am in the hall of the Ministry for Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Management, Sheshi Skenderbej 2, Tirana. Speaking at the event … Continued

Proud to Be a Peasant

Albania… Asserting pride in working in close contact with the land can be revolutionary in Albania, where these days a connection to the earth can be a source of ill-concealed shame. Self-esteem is something strong, simple and courageous. Sometimes the most important ingredients are not found on the pages of menu. Instead, uncovering them means carefully observing the eyes and hands of those who match flavors in a subtle balance … Continued