Slow Food to Participate in the Round Table on Food Hygiene Organized by the European Union at Expo

Dessislava Dimitrova, Coordinator of Slow Food in Bulgaria and Slow Food International Councillor for the Balkans, will attend a round table organized by DG SANTE called “Hygiene and Flexibility for Small Food Producers. Fit for Purpose?” taking place at 13 pm on Friday, June 12 in the EU Pavilion at Expo. Tackling the issues of hygiene and flexibility measures for small-scale producers in the Food Hygiene Package is currently an important topic as several small-scale food producers face daily difficulties linked to the too stringent application of … Continued

EU Quality Schemes in the Balkans: Are they only good on paper?

Macedonia… The quality schemes promoted by the EU: a help or a hindrance? A conference organized by Slow Food Bitola highlighted the possible negative impacts on small-scale producers from Balkan countries… On March 27 in Kavadarci, Slow Food Bitola organised a conference entitled “Quality Protection of Traditional Products” to shed light over the recently adopted regulation to implement EU quality schemes and Geographical Indications in the Republic of Macedonia. Over … Continued

Best Tarhana

Turkey… Every Sunday, the Foça Earth Market restores the relationship of trust between those who produce and those who consume “locally and seasonally”. White. Blocks of homemade soap, bulging bags overflowing with glossy beans, plump cauliflowers, pine nuts that smell of resin and the sea. Red. Tall jars filled with pepper paste, succulent turnips, pomegranates with tightly packed seeds. Orange. Dense-fleshed pumpkins, orange preserves as bright as kaleidoscopes. Yellow. Lavender … Continued

Slow Cheese Bodrum A Huge Success!

Turkey… Slow Cheese Bodrum – the first such event dedicated to artisanal cheese and dairy production in Turkey – ended last Sunday, marking a great success in terms of both public participation and the involvement of local authorities. Organized by the Slow Food Yaves Gari Bodrum Convivium, together with the Municipality of Bodrum and the Chamber of Agriculture, the four day event took place from 5 – 8 March, in … Continued

ESSEDRA Wins Bronze

On January 29, 2015, the 2014 winners of the CAP Communication Awards – organized by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development – were presented with their awards at the international Awards Ceremony in Brussels. The annual CAP Communication Awards aim to showcase the very best communication projects related to the Common Agricultural Policy. For the category Communication to the Public, Slow Food’s Environmentally Sustainable Socio-Economic Development of … Continued

CAP Communication Awards

Brussels 12-28 January…  After an intense evaluation process, the assessment of the 146 applications received for the 2014 CAP Communication Awards is now complete. The CAP Communication Awards are aimed at showcasing the very best practice examples of  communication initiatives related to the Common Agricultural Policy in the three categories of Communication to Stakeholders, Communication to the Public and Innovative Communication.   Three finalists per category have been selected by … Continued

Slow Food Almanac 2014

This year, more than ever before, the Slow Food Almanac recounts what we are and what we are becoming through the concrete projects that our association is putting into action around the world. At the last International Congress, these projects were given numerical goals, which represent the three major strategic objectives towards which Slow Food will work in the coming years. Ten thousand products on the Ark of Taste, in … Continued

Heirloom Seeds to Cultivate the Future

With a free downloadable guide, website section and video, Slow Food launches its commitment to protect heirloom seeds… A song by an Italian singer, Sergio Endrigo, goes: “To make a tree it takes a seed, to make a seed it takes a fruit.” That is how a generation of Italian children learnt that there is a link between a seed planted in the ground and a table made of wood. Even more … Continued

Terra Madre Day is even celebrated in the International Space Station this year

Slow Food International Celebrates the Sixth Edition of Terra Madre Day on its 25th Birthday. On December 10, 2014, the international Slow Food network celebrates the rich heritage of food diversity from around the world in a series of events including meetings and debates, picnics and dinners, film screenings, farm visits and much more. Held every year since 2009 on Slow Food’s birthday, the day is an important opportunity for … Continued

Olive is Life

Turkey… In Turkey we say “the olive is life” because it represents our present and our future. It is also one of the symbols of our history and a symbol of peace. The millennial olive trees are hereditary trees, without owners. They represent the bond between the past generations and those of the future. However they are now under threat. The Turkish Parliament is about to approve a law known … Continued