Terra Madre Day is even celebrated in the International Space Station this year

Slow Food International Celebrates the Sixth Edition of Terra Madre Day on its 25th Birthday. On December 10, 2014, the international Slow Food network celebrates the rich heritage of food diversity from around the world in a series of events including meetings and debates, picnics and dinners, film screenings, farm visits and much more. Held every year since 2009 on Slow Food’s birthday, the day is an important opportunity for all those who believe in the Slow Food philosophy to promote a sustainable alternative food system to their communities and local decision makers. The global movement invites everyone to join in to celebrate local culinary traditions, as well as to educate members of every community on the importance of preserving local food products and sustainable, fair and local alternatives to the industrialized model of our current global food system.



Importantly, this year’s edition coincides with the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the international Slow Food movement, which gives many local Slow Food groups an additional reason to celebrate the day. Slow Food convivia, Terra Madre food communities, chefs, academics, youths, producers and Slow Food enthusiasts are all key organizers of Terra Madre Day, which once again sees people participate in all continents. This year, there will also someone taking part in the event from space: Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has taken the Terra Madre Day flag and several Slow Food Presidia legumes produced by the European Space Agency on her 6 month trip into space to ensure she will be able to connect to her home through local products!

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Below is a short description of a few highlights of this year’s planned events in the ESSEDRA countries:

Albania: Celebrating Good Food Traditions of Elbasan
The housewives of F.BE. (Agricultural Federation of Elbasan) will cook different traditional dishes which are going to be tasted by our invitees.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo Holiday Market
Sarajevo Holiday Market is the fourth event which aims to create a festive atmosphere during the winter holidays. Visitors will be able to taste and buy products.

Bulgaria: Food in the Hands of Our Children
All kids will bring a kilo of the various beans varieties that are cultivated in their gardens. They will discuss the diversity of the beans and will describe a stage of its cultivation. At the end the beans will be cooked in a soup.

Croatia: Terra Madre in Zagreb Way!
Terra Madre day in Zagreb will be celebrated in order to present and further promote Slow Food philosophy and a new founded convivium, Slow Food Zagreb Agram. In addition, the guests will be introduced to Slow Food projects such as the Ark of Taste and Essedra. At the event, guests will have an opportunity to taste different products from local small-scale producers and exchange experiences and knowledge on traditional, local foods and its channels of distribution.

Macedonia: Our Seeds, Our Future
Conference dedicated to indigenous seeds and their importance for the future of our food. Food activists, producers, experts will take place to discuss and actualize the importance of local seeds and the need to conserve and use in production of food. The event is part of the campaign „No to GMOs”.

Romania: Honey Bread Flavors and Stories
Baking it’s fun, baking sweets it’s more fun and baking sweets with stories can be the true meaning of having fun with food. 50 children from Turda schools will meet at Slow Food Turda’s Gastronomy Center and will bake gingerbread helped by grandmas, coming from the Turda day Centre of Elderly.

Serbia: Futog Celebrates Cabbage
In Futog there are plenty of activity based on local varieties of cabbage. We gather producers of cabbage, people who buy it and many other who are interested in participating. This event is made for bringing closer production of cabbage to the children from Futog.

Turkey: Discover Your Food With Mother Earth
We will bring the Ark of Taste products we would like to be registered. We are going to cook with them and share them with guests at the same table. We will also share memories of cooking, with people of all ages.

To find out more: www.slowfood.com www.terramadre.org www.slowfood.com/terramadreday