Meeting with farmers of Stebleve Commune

Stebleve, Librazhd




Vullnetarizmi Nderkombetar Per Zhvillim Ne Shquiperi, VIS Albania

Typology of activities
  • Campaign
Main objective
  • Promote the themes of Essedra
  • Promote the high quality small-scale local productions
  • Sensitize citizens to the importance of the biodiversity of agriculture and on the ecosystems service that derive from it
  • Sensitize citizens on the importance of their daily food choises
Brief Description

There were 13 farmers of Stëblevë Commune (Librazhd), Mr. Dritan Kolleshi (ESSEDRA project expert) and Mrs. Katia Zene (staff VIS Albania) participating in the meeting. The participants were members of Sh.P.F.P Stëblevë – Shoqata e Prodhuesve te Fares se Patates Stëblevë (Association of Potato Seed Producers of Stëblevë). The farmers cultivated mostly potatoes, beans and medicinal herbs such as rosa canina, black juniper, hawthorn, etc and collect spontaneous mushrooms. During this period, they were busy collecting beans, potatoes and medicinal herbs. As this area is located approximately 1200 m above the sea level, the quality of their agricultural products is very high. The Stëblevë potatoes are very famous in Albania for their delicious taste and good quality but can hardly be found in the markets as the production is low.
The meeting started with a presentation of the ESSEDRA project by K. Zene and the reason of this meeting. Then, the expert talked mainly about the EU production standards and how these requirements will be soon approved and required in Albania and those farmers, as small-scale producers, will have to adapt their production chain to these new requirements and standards. The farmers complained that they sell their products only in Elbasan and a small quantity in Tiranë, but no one knows their origin as their products (mostly potatoes) miss a specific label. The president of Sh.P.F.P Stëblevë Association, Mr. Xhevit Boriçi is member of KASH (Council of Albanian AgroBusiness). He stated that if they could find a larger market to sell their products, they would produce more. Also, regarding the medicinal herbs, he said that the farmers usually sell them to pharmaceutical companies but with very low price, considering that the work done to collect them is very hard.
In the end of the meeting, the farmers filled in the first nomination forms of Ark of Taste.

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Organised by: VIS Albania

Referent: VIS Albania