Sarajevo Fair holiday market





Udruzenje Mladih za promociju tradicionalnih proizvoda “Okusi Hercegovinu” Mostar

Typology of activities
  • Active participation/contributions to conferences/events
Main objective
  • Promote the themes of Essedra
  • Promote the high quality small-scale local productions
Activities realised in the framework of Essedra Project

Promotion of traditional Herzegovinian products and the ESSEDRA project at the Sarajevo Fair holiday market.

Brief Description

The Christmas and New Year’s fair lasts for one month, from 14 December 2012 to 15 January 2013. The fair attracts around 120,000 visitors, many of whom visited the Taste Herzegovina association’s booth, and became acquainted with the association’s work, vision and future activities, including the actions planned within the ESSEDRA project.

  • Consumers
  • Producers

N. participants: 120.000

Organised by: Sarajevo Fair holiday market

Referent: Rasim Tulumovic