Tirana Expo Center Fair





Vullnetarizmi Nderkombetar Per Zhvillim Ne Shquiperi, VIS Albania

Typology of activities
  • Participation in stakeholders' meetings, public hearings
  • Educational activities
Main objective
  • Promote the themes of Essedra
  • Promote the high quality small-scale local productions
  • Sensitize citizens to the importance of the biodiversity of agriculture and on the ecosystems service that derive from it
  • Sensitize citizens on the importance of their daily food choises
Brief Description

It was the last national fair for the year 2014, a chain of fairs organized by the National Body of Fairs, Ministry of Economical Development, which was held at Tirana Expo Center.
VIS Albania was represented by various products of Kelmend, Shkrel and Puka, such as: blueberry and cornel jam, honey, medicinal plants, raki, cheese, etc.
The fair lasted for 4 days, from 20th to 23rd of December 2014 and our products raised particular curiosity among the visitors, who were large in number as the fair was organized during the holidays period and the transport to Tirana Expo Center was for free.
Informative leaflets and postcards promoting biodiversity and the organic and healthy slow food were delivered to the visitors of the fair.

  • Consumers
  • Producers

Website: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.665908226860281.1073741849.222496144534827&type=1

Organised by: Albanian National Body of Fairs, VIS Albania

Referent: VIS Albania